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Publications by the Society

From time to time the Society publishes books through its series Wendel Books. Since its inception the following books have been published:
  • CD of Maps surveyed in the mid-1840's. Covers an area from Armley to Thorp arch and from near Micklefield to Huby including the parish. £7.00 from the Leeds Civic Trust in their shop or on-line.

  • Bygone Barwick. A collection of photographs dating from the early years of the 20th century until the sixties. OUT OF PRINT but photocopies are available. .

  • Pen Sketches of Barwick-in-Elmet. The village as sketched by the late Bart Hammond.- OUT OF PRINT

  • The Maypole Stayed Up. An account of life in the village during the Second World War. £3.00

  • A Greater Wonder. A History of Methodism in the village. £3.00

  • Barwick School. Education in a Yorkshire Village. £5.90

  • Map of Barwick-in-Elmet A.D.2000 and Brief History A publication to mark the year 2000. £2.00.
    A section of the map can be seen in the Maps collection

  • Photographs of the Parish of Barwick-in-Elmet in Bygone Days. A collection of nearly 100 photographs of places, people and events from the ancient parish of Barwick-in-Elmet, including Scholes, Stanks, Roundhay, Red Hall, Kiddal and Potterton. £6.00

  • The History of Our Maypole A compilation of articles about the maypole and the ceremonial carrried out in the past and also today in lowering, maintaining and raising the pole.£2.00

  • The Society also publishes three times a year a magazine called The Barwicker price £1.00. It contains articles about local topics.
    All publications can be purchased :

    Books of local interest.

    A book called
    "In search of Freedom" by Diane Parsons about the members of the Burlend family who emigrated from Barwick-in-Elmet to the United States in 1831 is available. Copies may be purchased from the author for £7.00 PLUS £1.50 p&p from the following address:

    Dianne Parsons
    37 Rupert Road
    LS29 0AT

    Two members of the society, Pauline Robson and Martin Tarpey, have written a book on a local topic "The Spirit of Lotherton" . The book was written following an article on the Gascoigne family's chauffer, Bill Burlingham, published in The Barwicker No.93 (see the article) Unfortunately this book is sold out.

    The Barwicker

    The Barwicker has been produced quarterly since March 1986 until 2016 since when it has been published three times a year. It regularly consists of eighteen pages (plus covers) of a wide range of articles specifically relating to the parish.
    Repeat orders of the Barwicker can be obtained by post from the Editor from whom an annual price can be obtained.

    The latest edition is No. 132

    It contains the following articles:

    A Parish of Many Connections - From Portugal to Barwick-in-Elmet - Dave Teal
    The Sad Death of Charles Henry Birdstall aged 3 - Pauline Robson
    Just Moved In - Kathryn Elliott
    The Blue Pyjamas - Yvonne Brian
    Where is William Dawson's Gravestone? - Dave Teal
    A Different Kind of War - Bob Lawrence

    Back Issues of The Barwicker
    From time to time we get demands for back issues of The Barwicker. Anyone wishing to purchase back issues of The Barwicker should contact Val Kemp or Nick Oldroyd with list of issue numbers you have missing. (If you can give the month and year that would be a great help}. Some issues are out of stock at the present time but we are working towards reprinting these. If anyone has any spare copies they no longer need we would be happy to take them as this may save on printing costs.

    Articles from the Barwicker (including those currently are available on this site) are in the subject list below.

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    Articles covering a specific period:-

    Articles of a social nature:-

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