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Vol  Page Literature and the Arts
11 Thunder Storm at Barwick by William Burnett
19  57 Barwick-in-Elmet. The Opening Stanzas of the Poem by Edward Burlend
12  64 Our Christmas Dinner 1905
49 My meeting with Edmund Bogg
22  36 Witchcraft in 19th, Century, Barwick
27  56 Verse and Worse
32  70 Verse and Worse
14 Ye Attic Abode
19  43 George Plaxton Barwick Rector
19  55 The Life and Work of Edward Burlend
30  38 Book Shelf No. 2
19 Barwick-in-Elmet, poem by Edward Burlend circa 1860 -extract only
24 A Story linked with Barwick. Amy Thornton a novel by Edward Burlend
80  76 Music in the parish in early Stuart times
104  5 Ivey Collette - The Blacksmith's Niece by Harold Smith
109  8 Like Mother, Like Daughter. Two Gifted Local Artists. by Pauline Robson
110  11 The Lost Pre-Raphaelite Model by Mary Eaton
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