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Vol  Page Twenty First Century Barwick-in-Elmet
58  23 The Centenary of the Methodist Chapel
58  33 Palm Sunday 2000
58  38 The School and the Schoolmaster's House
59  48 "A Convenient Move" (alterations to the Church)
59  58 Barwick Millenium Gala
63  43 Just a lump of Stone by Martin Tarpey
69 5Local Stalwarts: Connie Robson
72 75Local Stalwarts: Alan Senior MBE by Martin Tarpey
76 78The Colman Family
79 43 Local Stalwarts John Tinker by Martin Tarpey
93 09Local Stalwarts 4 (Bill Burlingham) ‐ Martin Tarpey
79 58Barwickers - a dying breed ‐ Harold Smith
82 30Our Hillfort Mystery unfolded? ‐ Cathryn Howard
92 75Brunel James, the final Rector of Barwick-in-Elmet with Scholes? ‐ Martin Tarpey
1048News from a Barwicker in New Zealand ‐ Harold Smith
109 4 The Mystery of the Gascoigne Tomb. A Curious Tale ‐ Martin Tarpey
124  3Apples, Arithmetic and Aristocracy! The history of 8 Aberford Road, Barwick ‐ David Teal
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