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Scholes in the 1930s

From the Barwicker No.97
March 2010

Before leaving for Aberdeen, Tony Cox deposited with our Resource Centre a wealth of information which he had collected over the years. One item was a scrap book of newspaper cuttings from the 1930s which had belonged to Mr A B Jessop who lived in Morwick Terrace at Seacroft, Leeds. At the General Topics meeting on in November Cathryn Howard, our archivist, read some of these to the meeting. I was interested and wanted to read more, and there are several which I would like to share with you.
The quotations are all from the Skyrack Express.

13 February 1931
- In the recent St John’s Ambulance examination held in Crossgates, Mr Jack Harrison and Mr Harold Betts succeeded in gaining medallions. It will be remembered that Mr Betts rendered first aid to his father, P.S. Betts after an accident on the York Road last November. The presentment of the awards will take place in Crossgates in a few weeks time.

Jan - March 1931 (no exact date stated)
SCHOLES - Servants wanting Situations, should read the Advertisements in the “Express” Domestic Column.

YOUNG LEAGUERS - The fine sum of £4. 9s. 6d was raised on Tuesday at a whist drive which was held at Elmete cottage, and the funds of the Young Leaguers will benefit accordingly. The prize winners were: 1. Mrs Archbald; 2. Mrs Stockdale; 3. Dr. Sang; consolation, Miss Broadbent. Miss Wildblood, hon.secretary of the organisation, is to be complimented on such a splendid sum been raised at a private drive.

26 February 1932 FIRE - A spark, evidently from a train, on Wednesday, was the cause of nearly the whole of a two acre field near the brick yard being ablaze. From Station Road one had a clear view of the flames, and also one could see figures silhouetted. The fire was soon put out by willing hands, who arrived with spades etc.

6 January, 1933
61 NOT OUT - At the close of year, 1932, Mr A B Jessop, of Morwick Terrace, completed his 60th diary. ….. He commenced writing a diary in the year 1872, and never gave up the practice!..... Quite a remarkable achievement and possibly many of the young people upon reading this will be fired with a desire to emulate Mr Jessop’s record.

13 January, 1933
- The influenza epidemic has attacked the village from one end to the other. ….. Living in the village is a well-known and respected gentleman - Mr J. Wormall ……. who can tell almost as soon as the doctors whether influenza or any other ailment is prevalent in the country, for he is the General Manager of a Leeds firm of printers, who have been printers to the pharmaceutical trade for many years, and whenever there is an epidemic, increased demands for the cure as well as the antidote, are reflected in the printing orders!

31 March 1933
- The Post Office announce that the schedule times of collection from Scholes Station and Scholes suboffice on Sundays, will in future be 4.40pm and 4.45pm respectively.

5 January 1934
- of the old school and plot of land was held on Wednesday. The building reached £12 and a Doncaster builder paid 3s.1½d a square yard for the plot of land.

19 January 1934
- Messrs. A Chippindale and Son, builders, on Saturday, entertained their employees to supper at Taylor’s Café, Scholes. The guests who numbered twenty in all, were welcomed by Messrs. Arthur and Arthur Kenneth Chippindale. After doing justice to the hearty repast provided, the toast of the King was submitted.

We hope to include further cuttings from Mr Jessop‘s Newspaper Cuttings book in future editions of The Barwicker.


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