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Snippets from the press

From the Barwicker No.94
Month 2009

Death Sentence

James Wormersley (23) was charged with having assaulted and robbed John Clough of Barwick-in-Elmet. The jury found him guilty, and judgment of death was recorded against him.
Hull Packet 11 March 1836

Two months hard labour then transported for life.

Richard Spivey (26) and Geo. Williams (16), feloniously breaking into the house of John Harley, at Barwick-in-Elmet and stealing from thence twenty sovereigns, twelve £10 notes, and other articles.

Mr Dundas and Mr Ingham conducted the prosecution. It appeared from the evidence, that the prosecutor’s house was broken into on the night of the 16 May, and twelve £10 notes of Beckett and Blayd’s bank, together with 30 sovereigns and a half, four crown of the coinage of William III, Charles II, and Queen Anne, 3½ crowns of the same coinage, and three or four pounds in silver, a silver tankard, and four spoons, sugar tongs, etc. were stolen. The prisoner, Spivey, was seen near the house of the day of the robbery, and the day after, he together with the other prisoner, Williams, was seen at Selby, buying things, and paying for them with old coins. They were also found offering for sale to a Jew (who was the means of their detention), a silver tankard, and other plate, though not showing them, probably waiting for his consent to buy them. They were then taken into custody, and upon them were found four £10 notes, answering to the description of those stolen, and also several sovereigns. The old coins were recognized by the prosecutor as those he had lost……… Guilty. To be imprisoned for two calendar months to hard labour, and then to be transported for life.
Hull Packet, 18 July 1834

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