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Life in Barwick Parish in 1935

from The Barwicker No.87

In July, 1935, when the rector of Barwick-in-Elmet, Rev. Herbert Lovell Clarke (see "The Barwicker" No.72), had been in office for two years, the parish magazine was re-launched "after a lapse of many years" probably since his predecessor Rev. H H Harvey arrived here (see No.57).

The first edition which cost 2d. is edited by him and he wished to make it clear that "it will take time and experience to decide the general form of the magazine and what it is possible to publish monthly". In the event he published much material that is invaluable to us and the first edition allows us, nearly seventy years later, to draw a picture of the life of the parish at that time.

The magazine had covers which were originally pale green but age has introduced a dingy brown colour especially at the edges. It measures about 7 ins. Across and 10 ins. Down and has 5 pages of text, 14 pages of adverts from the parish, the neighbouring villages and Leeds, and 12 pages containing a religious insert of national interest called "A New Day".

The front cover shows an engraving of the parish church from the west and also a list of parish officials namely:

CLERGY:      Rev H Lovell Clarke, MA, Hon CF.
    Rector's:   Mr A Marsh, Oaklea Road, Scholes
    People's:   Mr A R Alvin, Old Hall, Scholes
                Mr W Pennington, Carrfield, Barwick
    Acting:     Mr J W Hick, Chapel Lane, Barwick
                Mr E B Sharp, Spea Bona, Elmete Ave, Scholes
Wardens:  Mr A B Jessop (Diocesan), Mr G W Ashworth (Ruri-Decanal)
BARWICK: Messrs. Day, E Hague, E Harrison, Jones, F Lee, Mein, Murray, H Smith, 
Threlfall. Mrs Alvin, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Lovell Clarke, Mrs Perkin, Miss Pemberton,
Mrs Threlfall, Mr R Lovett (Barwick Sec.)
SCHOLES: Messrs.Blackie, Hudson, F C Kitchen, Lawson, L G McConnell, Mirfin, 
Northall, Pearson, Wormald, Miss Askham, Mrs H Bean, Mrs Buckingham, Mrs Burns, 
Mrs Crick, Mrs D Kitchen, 

Mr Attrill (Scholes Sec.) 
Mr J W Mather (PCC Sec.)
BARWICK:  Mr F Lee, Moorhurst, Rakehill Rd. Scholes
SCHOLES:  Mr Appleyard, 4 Carberry Terrace, Burley, Leeds 6

Mr J Robshaw Rectory Cottage, Barwick
SCHOLES - no details

The list of officials is as prescribed by the Barwick-Scholes Constitutional Committee's report of January 1935. This provided for a parochial church council consisting of the rector, the curate, the churchwardens and 32 elected members - 16 from Barwick and 16 from Scholes. These elected groups could sit separately when purely Barwick or Scholes business was discussed.

The first page of text in the July edition of the magazine contains details of the church services etc. in Barwick and Scholes with the names of office holders in associated societies. The page is reproduced below.

In fact the times of services at Scholes were changed from those given there until the new curate took up his duties in October.

The "Rector's Letter" is a feature of all the editions. In the first edition he frequently looks back on events of his rectorship before the magazine was published. He recalls his institution on 11 June 1933, when a large gathering of parishioners was joined by 300 members of his former parish Armley, and a large representation of fellow members from the Leeds Rotary Club.

The first edition of the magazine records that the curate Rev. Heath, L.Th., Hon. CF. had left Barwick during the previous month after three years in the parish with special charge of Scholes. Previously he had been curate of St Simeon's, Burley, Leeds.

The first edition of the parish magazine contains the extract written by the Rector:
The Last Two Years. From now onwards we shall have a continuous record, by means of the Parish Magazine, of the life and work of the parish. We think it will be of interest to many to have at their disposal a brief account of some of the outstanding events of the past two years.

This account is contained in the first three editions (see \i The Barwicker\i0 No.50). His interest has lightened the task of future historians. Thank you Mr Lovell Clarke. In the same vein he has included the details of the parish registers from the beginning of the year.
The Barwick Football Team also features.

We wish to add our congratulations to the many which have already been conveyed to the Barwick Football Team on their remarkable success in winning, in the season recently ended, the Barkston Ash League Cup and the Barkston Ash Lane Fox Shield. By this double achievement the team repeated their record of ten years ago. Every good wish to them for the next season.

Thus we can see from just one edition an indication of the rich, religious, social and sporting life of the parish at that time. In a decade when economic life was not easy for many people, men and women were prepared to devote their time and effort to organise activities, some connected with the church and some not, which benefited the community as a whole. We still see much of this generous spirit in contemporary Barwick and Scholes. May it long continue.

including extracts from the PARISH MAGAZINE

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