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Written History

From the Barwicker No.81
March 2006

The happy photograph above shows the planting of a Canadian maple tree at the end of Oaklea Road to celebrate the 80th. anniversary of the founding of the Scholes WomenÂ’s Institute . The ceremony was followed by a coffee morning for Scholes in Bloom. We send our sincere congratulations to both organisations. They are examples of the many groups whose activities add to the enjoyment, education and fulfilment of their members and of the parish.

All organisations have a history. It is to the advantage of everybody that this should be researched, written down and published . This enables local people to read about the activities of the group and to join, if they wish. It rewards the many officials who give much time and energy in making these organisations so successful. And it enables future generations to learn about the numerous activities of local people in the past.

Barwick in Elmet Historical Society plays its part by publishing articles about such organisations in its journal "The Barwicker". These are best written by some past or present member, particularly an official, and we will give them all the encouragement and assistance we can. And it helps a great deal if past records, such as minutes, notices, etc., are kept. We can preserve these for posterity in our resource centre if required. Future generations will bless you for helping to paint a picture of local life in past centuries.

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