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Our Local History Resource Centre.

from The Barwicker No. 65

On the morning of Saturday 27 July, 2002, members of the Society celebrated the opening of their recently completed Resource Centre. As previously reported (see 'The Barwicker' No.66), work had commenced in November last and was finally completed in April.

The opening was performed by Mr Colin Burgon, Member of Parliament for Elmet, who heartily congratulated the Society on its achievement. Speaking personally he outlined his own love of history and how pleased he was to see so many local people devoted to the subject.

In attendance was Mr Ian Carstairs, Regional Chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund, who said that he was delighted to "see with his own eyes" the completion of such a worthwhile project which had been 90% funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. He also stated that he was thrilled to be standing in the midst of such an obviously flourishing organisation. Other welcome guests were Revd. Brunel James, our newly inducted Rector, and Mr Colin Bond, the Chairman of Barwick-in-Elmet and Scholes Parish Council.

Alan Senior, who had previously introduced the two speakers, explained the "trials and tribulations" of both acquiring a lottery grant and also "eventually" obtaining an acceptable lease from Leeds City Council. He also explained that the Society's partnership funding had, most fortuitously been provided by a generous legacy from the estate of the late Mary Freeborn - a long-standing member of the Society.

The occasion attracted a large number of invited guests and members of the Society which showed great interest in the many maps, books, photographs, society publications and other items of local interest which were on display.

Alan then emphasised, and detailed, the sterling help that he had received from Geoff Thornton, Hugh Hawkins and Michael Teal during the course of the three year period which it had taken to complete the project.

Michael Teal then concluded the occasion by conveying the grateful thanks of the Society to both Colin Burgon and Ian Carstairs for not only their attendance but also for their kind remarks and encouragement.


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