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The Society marks the Year 2000

Barwicker No. 57
March 2000

The Parish Council promoted and funded the creation of comminees in both Barwick-in-Elrnet and Scholes to organise Millennium events. The Barwick Committee prompted the Historical Society to produce a history of the village. We planned a concise history of the village and a map in isometric form to record the village in 2000 AD. on a folded A2 sheet with the map on one side and the history on the other. As one of the society's aims is "To record. retain and publish local history", we took the opportunity to deliver one to every household in the village. As there are many legends about the village's past, the document could help to sort out fact from myth. It would also make all villagers aware of the society's existence.

We were fortunate to have a professional artist in the village, Carl Whitfield, who has lived here most of his life. The society funded the creation of the map. It showed an aerial view looking north from a point south of the village to beyond the A64. Space was found to give details about the society and its publications and an account of the maypole.

The Barwick organising comminee funded the copies for each household. The balance has been borne by the Historical Society who will cover the costs from sales of extra copies over the coming years. Some maps have not been folded so they can be framed. The document was printed in December 1999 by Essay Printing of Leeds who have strong connections with the village. Every household received its copy between Christmas 1999 and New Year's Eve. Spare copies are available on sale in the church, local shops, the village public houses and the Garforth Bookshop.

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