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The Parish Players 1960

Barwicker No. 56
December 1999


So many people in the parish gave so much of their time and interest to the Nativity Plays that it is impossible 10 mention them personally in these columns, but we would like them - and the members of the choirs which co- operated - to know how much we appreciate their efforts to make the plays the great success they were; and to Mrs Ursula Bean, the producer of the Scholes play, we offer our hearty congratulations and sincere thanks.

The cast of the Scholes play, "Our Saviour's Birth" was as follows: Mary (Christine Hudson). Gabriel (Valerie Attrill). Elizabeth (Irene Wilson), Zacharias (Laurie Bean), The Wise Men (Peter Buckroyd, Roland Martin, Roy Watson). Joseph (Fred Higginson}. Innkeeper (Harold Culkin). Miriam (Marjorie Scott, Messenger (Ronald Taylor). Herod (Michael Pollard), Herod's Wile (Mollie Cartwright). Slave Girl (Jill Pollard), Shepherds (Cyril Hudson, Kenneth Noble, Roger Culkin), Angels (Brenda Watson, Brenda Moss, Jennifer Lawson, Sonja Spence, Sheila Falls, Andrea Bowers). Servants (Nigel Buckroyd, Keith Taylor, A Holmes).

The cast of "The Three Roses" at the Parish Church was : The Virgin (Gillian Robshaw), Joseph (Margaret Verity), Three Kings (Carol Hope, Carol Herrington, Elizabeth Wade), Three Shepherds (Janet Appleby, John Rushton, David Alien), A Child (Patricia Nutton), A Ragged Boy (Jonathan Hague), A Begger Woman (Anne Wood), A Lame Man (Geoffrey Pawson). Angels (Yvonne Herrington, J Wormely).


On April 6th. and 8th. the Passion Play n Redemption " by Freda Collins, was given by the Parish Players in the Parish Church. The play produced by Mrs Cecilia Gausden (nee Hudson), is one of the most successful of its type, its enactment requiring the whole of the Church. Two Angels, 'Redemption' and 'Contemplation, outline the story of Our Lord up to the time of His Passion, after which, in co-operation with the players, 'Contemplation' becomes the narrator, and 'Redemption' speaks the word of Jesus, although the figure of Christ is not physically represented.

With the aid of excellent lighting provided by Mr Ernest Cobbold of Tadcaster, costumes by Mrs Evelyn Hudson, and recordings by Mr Fred Higginson, the players gave a most impressive and inspiring interpretation of Our Lord's Passion and Crucifixion. The play on each occasion was preceded by an organ recital by Mr Alfred Brown, who assisted throughout. The people in the play were: Larry Bullock, A Dickinson, Philip Dyson, Jonathan Hague, T Holmes, Donald Kitchen, G Lind, Dermis Morton. Gerald Nutton, Ronald Taylor, Mrs Ursula Bean. Mrs Dorothy Dyson, Mrs Marjorie Scott, Mrs Cecilia Gausden, Miss Valerie Attrill, Miss Christine Hudson, Miss Janice Wainhouse and Miss Rosalind Wainhouse. Mr Laurie Bean once again provided us with the programmes. and singers from both Barwick and Scholes assisted with the recordings.

Those who enjoyed the Passion Play earlier this year will be delighted to know that the Parish Players are presenting the celebrated York Nativity Play. adapted from the York Mystery Cycle of the 14th. century at the Parish Church on the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 21st. and 22nd. at 8 p.m. There is a strong cast with Miss Christine Hudson producing. A special bus will leave Scholes station at 7.30 p.m. on the Wednesday only for the Parish Church. the return fare being 1/-. There will be a collection at the door in aid of the New Church Building Fund at Scholes, and the defrayment of expenses.

(Extracts from the Church News)

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