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Useful Recipes or Black Magic

Barwicker No. 55
September 1999

The first two recipes are taken from the account book of Geoff Hartley's great-grandfather Edward Fawcett, the maltster, later of Ings House, Barwick, and dated from the 1840's. The third recipe was written into the account book by his son John Fawcett of Barwick, in 1883.


"Charles Austen: drink for a cow given him by a friend from Bamby Dun."
2 oz. Flour Brimstone 2 oz. Bayberries
2 oz. Anniseeds 2 oz. Turmarick.
2 oz. Liquorice Powder 2 oz. Fennel Greek
2 oz. Diapent 2 oz. Grains of Paradise
1 oz. Long Pepper

Given in three pints of warm ale!


2 pound ground Alepo Galls.
2 oz. casened copperas.
One and a half pounds logwood chips boiled to three pints liquor.
Quarter of a pound of Gum Senigal, dissolve in a little warm water.
Six pints of water. Stir up together.
Stand six weeks. Stir up once a day.

Given by :
Samuel Cryor
Stubby Cottage

So much easier now to go to the corner shop! The ingredients may now be hard to come by but his writing is still easily legible after a century and a half.


Half a pound of treacle and two ounce of Spanish juice, in 3 Gills of water, simmer down to a pint, let it go cold and then add:

1 pennyworth of Sweet Nitre.
1 pennyworth Paregoric.
1 pennyworth Laudanum.
1 pennyworth Oil of Aniseed.

Laudanum was tincture of opium!

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