The Aftermath of War

The Aftermath of War

from The Barwicker No. 53
Mar. 1999

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On 18 May, 1937, the Barwick maypole was successfully erected, less than a week after the enjoyable Coronation celebrations in the locality (see 'The Barwicker' No. 29 and No. 52).) It would be ten years before a similar ceremony took place again. In September 1939, what became known as World War II began and many activities were suspended 'for the duration'.

"The Maypole stayed up" until May 1945, when the war in Europe was over, and although that against Japan did not end until September of that year, the people of Britain were contemplating the return of their loved ones and the resumption of normal activities. During the eight years the maypole stood above the village, the elements had taken their toll and it was decided that the pole was too dangerous to be lowered by traditional means and that it would be taken down by expert woodcutters.