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Friends Remembered

Barwicker No. 13
March 1989

We were all saddened in January by the deaths, on the same day, of two of our senior members, namely Bart Hammond and Reg Mortimer. We have selected our front cover illustration to provide a link between the two. It is a drawing by Bart of Barwick Church, which was so lovingly cared for by Reg when he was churchwarden there. They will be greatly missed and long remembered. We send our sincerest condolences to Glenys and Yvonne and their families.

Bart's many drawings reveal the changing face of Barwick and the neighbourhood during the past sixty years. He said that he had drawn the church tower so often that he thought it would be fitting if the bell was tolled at his funeral, and he got his wish.

At Reg's funeral, the Rector spoke movingly of his many fine qualities and his service to the Church. Many of us will remember Reg as the guardian of the parish documents in his days as churchwarden, and the obliging way with which he would open up the vestry safe, often at decidedly unsocial hours, to allow us to inspect them.

Bart was a founder member of the Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Society. He was an enthusiastic local historian and provided the historical background for his many drawings. He helped to compile our first publication, "Bygone Barwick", a book of photographs. He was on the editorial board of "The Barwicker" and contributed to every edition with his fine drawings and penmanship, and elegant prose. His recreation of those vanished features of Barwick life, the mill and the parish pump, will be long remembered not only for his marvellous skill as an artist but his imagination in representing them from a "helicopter" viewpoint. which would have been unfamiliar even to those who were living at the time.

For many people, Bart will be best remembered for his superb "Pen Sketches of Barwick-in-Elmet" which was published in November. This was entirely his own creation. He made the selection from his many drawings and researched his own hand- written notes. He was pleased with the result and was happy that it has been so well received. Bart also contributed to local publications such as "The Dalesman" and his "Sketches around Skyrack" are at present being featured in the "Skyrack Express".

Bart and Reg were well-known Barwick characters. The village will miss their cheery personalities and much-valued contributions to local life. Perhaps above all, they will be remembered as good friends.

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