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A Victorian Brooch.

Barwicker No. 122
Winter 2016

In August Harold Smith received an e-mail from Samantha Stokes in which she enclosed a photo of a brooch (above) asking if we had anymore information about the same. Harold investigated and found out the following:-

The two centre pieces are of Victoria and her 1st born the Prince of Wales. Around Victoria are her children who married kings/emperors of standing in royal circles in Europe:-

1. Emperor Frederick of Germany with Frederica (baptised as Victoria but always known as Frederica)
2. Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse with Alice 2nd daughter of Victoria
3. Alfred Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of Saxe-Coburg with Maria (daughter of Alexander 11 of Russia)
4. Prince Henry of Battenburg and Beatrice (youngest child of Victoria).
5. Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holst-Sonderburg-Augustenburgh with Helena 3rd of Victoria

Around the Prince of Wales are circled the rest of the Queen's children and their spouses:-

I. Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein with Princess Helena
2. Arthur Duke of Connaught with Louisa of Prussia
3. Leopold Duke of Albany (youngest son of Victoria) with Helen of Waldeck & Pyrmont
4. George Duke of York (son of the Prince of Wales & later King George 5th).

From the above it is very likely that the brooch was created to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee in 1897 because the Duke of York is included. If it had been created for the Golden Jubilee the Duke of Clarence would have been included instead - he died in 1892.

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