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Thanks for the Memory

Barwicker No.3
September 1986

In this issue we feature the history of the village water supplies, with centre page drawings of another lost landmark, the Parish Pump. 'This feature has been made possible with the kind assistance of three Barwickers - Herbert Kemp, Tommy Kirk and Bill Stead, whose feats of memory have provided a valuable record of the first and second decades of this century. Mr Herbert Kemp lived in Pump Yard, and from his schooldays remembers every occupant in 1910. Mr. J T Kirk has given much valuable detail about the Pump installation, and Mr. Bill Stead provided details and drawings from his memories of early years in Barwick.

Jack Reed, the author of the article on horse transport, has lived in Andover, Hants. For many years, but visits Barwick two or three times a year and has only once missed the raising of the maypole since 1945. We are most grateful for this contribution and for much other useful information. His sister, Mrs Emma Peaker. and his nephew, William Reed, still live in Barwick.

Apart from things remembered, history is compiled from written and illustrated sources. We had an excellent response to our requests for old photographs of the locality. Now, we are asking for something different. There must be many pages from old news- papers with stories about Barwick, kept for some purpose or perhaps lining drawers or used for wrapping. Don't throw them out. Let us have them as they could be very useful to us.

We are looking for any written material describing what goods and services were available in the village in the past, and their prices: advertising matter, accounts, bills, receipts, etc. Special occasions in the past were sometimes commemorated with a programme. We'd be interested to see any. We can copy and return them if you wish to keep them. Any illustrations we could use for the back cover would be particularly appreciated.

Ten different people have contributed articles to the three editions of the Barwicker so far, and there will be others in the future. This is a magnificent achievement for a small society. If any of our readers feel stimulated into writing about some aspect of Barwick hi story we would be delighted to publish it.

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