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All My Worldly Goods

From the Barwicker No.2
June 1986

When Edward Hunt of Lazingcroft, in the parish of Barwick-in-Elmet, a yeoman, died in 1694, his widow and the executors of his will compiled a list of all the goods and chattels in his house and farm. This inventory was proved along with his will, so that a proper distribution of his wealth could be made.

Inventories from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries exist in large numbers. The Borthwick Institute in York holds many thousands made in the diocese. They provide valuable information about the living and working conditions of the time.

Edward Hunt's inventory is here reproduced, from Lumb's "Wills, Registers and Monumental Inscriptions of Barwick-in-Elmet".

First I Bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmighty God my maker, hoping that Through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my saviour and Redeemer to Receive free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins, and as for my Body to be Buried in Christian Buriall at the Discretion of my executors here after nominated. Item I giue to Anne Bentlife, wife to Matthew Bentlife, the sume of five shillings. I give to three daughters of Matthew Bentlifes and Annes Bentlifes, his wife, the sume of three shillings. I giue to my sister, Mary Huntt, the sume of ten pounds. I giue to Margrey Huntt, wedow, one shilling. I giue to Thomas Huntt, eldest son to Margrey Huntt, the sume of one shilling. I giue to Petter Huntt one shilling. I giue to Anthony Huntt the sume of one shilling. I giue to Henry Huntt one shilling. I giue to Francas Huntt the sume of fiue shillings. I giue to Vollantine Shepin the sume of one shilling. I make Mary, my wife, sole executtor of this my Last will and Testament. In witness whereof I haue here unto sett my hand and seall the day and year aboue written, Revoking all other wills and Testaments. Edward Huntt, his mark.
Witnessed by us William Gillson, John Gillson, Robert Gillson, his marke. [Proved 4 Nov., i694.]

A true Inventory of the goods cattels and chattels, moveable and unmoveable, of Edward Hunt, late deceased, of Lasingcroft, by Will Morrett, Robt. Dawson, William Dawson, John Gillson.

October 15th, 1694.
£ S d
Imp'mis his purse and Apparell 05 00 00
In the hall house one Table 6 Chaires one forme one Rainge 05 00 06
In the Kitchin one Rainge one paire of Racks 2 Spitts 3 brasspotts 3 brass panns wth all other huslements 05 00 00
In the Brew house one mast fatt one guilefatt, one pan with all other huslements 00 10 00
In the Milke house 10 Bowles one Churne 3 Barrills one cheese-press wth all other huslements 0010 00
In the plour one stand bedd feather bedd one pair of Sheets one paire of Blanketts one Coverlett 010000
In one Butterie 2 Tearses 6 pewther dishes 2 flagons 2 tankerds 2 Candlesticks 00 I5 00
In one chambr over the Kitchen one bed stead one feather bedd one boulster 2 pillowes one paire of blankets one Rugg 6 Chaires one presser 2 tables one Chest 02 00 00
In one chamber over the hall one halfe headed bedd one feather bedd one paire of blankette one coverlett with other huslements 0100 00
All the Corne in the Barne 30 00 00
All the hay in the Barne 05 00 00
4 Cowes 4-2 yeare old 4 Calves 12 00 00
3 Geldings 2 Maires 10 00 00
One Waine 2 Cartes one plough with all the Waine Geere and Plow Geere 05 00 00
Malt in the Kilne 06 00 00
In the fould one sow six holdings 01 00 00
the summary is- 82 0506

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