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Extract from Baines's Yorkshire Directory of 1822
Vol. 1 West Riding

from The Barwicker No. 1
March 1986

BERWICK (or Barwick) IN-ELMET, (p.) (a Saxon name; indicating the village of the castle,) in the wap. of Skyrack, & honour of Pontefract; 6 miles S. of Wetherby. This village contained anciently a castle of great extent and magnificence, and was the seat of Edwin, one of the most distinguished of the Northumbrian kings. The fortification, which is four furlongs in circumference, and contain an area of more than 13 acres, sufficiently proves that this has been a royal work. Nothing now remains of this once stupendous edifice but the ground-work, which shows that the Mount called Hall Tower Hill, has been encompassed by a double trench. This manor was afterwards part of the possessions of the Laceys, Earls of Lincoln, from whom it descended to the Dukes of Lancaster, to which Duchy it has been ever since annexed. The church is dedicated to All-hallows. Its first rector appears to have been Rad de Bodeham, in 1235; and its present rector the Rev. Wm. Bathurst, B. A. The living is charged in the king's book at 33/12/6. Its dependencies are Barnbow, Berwick, Kiddal, and Potterton, Morwick and Scholes, and Roundhay. Population 1481. Irvine Rev. John, curate

Battye Wm. parish clerk
Bramley Christr. Esq. Winfield house
Knapton Thos. vict. Gascoigne's Arms;
Lumb Richard, gentleman
Shippen Henry, vict. Black Swan
Smith Joseph, shoemaker
Stoner Thomas, corn miller
Academies, Hill Benjamin, Porter Hny. (class)
Lime Merchts. RawlinsonE.(corn), Lumb James
Blacksmiths, Rawlinson Wm., Collet Wm.
Maltsters, Wormald Abm., Connell George
Butchers, Whitehead John, Walton John
Wheelwrights, Whitehead Thos., Dickinson Benj.
Farmers, Watson John, Crosslaud John

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