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The Origins of the name Barwick Feast

from The Barwicker No. 1

During rambles round the village, members of the Historical Society listened to "Barwickers" talk of their experiences and memories, and mention was made of "Barwick Feast". Further enquires failed to reveal exactly when or why it took place. It remained a puzzle.

On consulting a dictionary we are advised that:-

Feast (Noun) a festival; a day of joyful or solemn commemoration, banquet, lavish meal; annual village festival; etc. etc.
Fair (Noun) a great market held at stated intervals in certain places for the purpose of selling the produce of the district, usually an occasion for holidays and organised entertainments; sale of work for charitable purposes; etc. etc.

Which of these describe "Barwick Feast"? We have the modern day organised entertainments, with the dodgems, swings and roundabouts that visit us in November.

Was the raising of the maypole "Barwick Feast" time? That only occurred every three years, not annually as would be expected.

Contact with Mr E Ives (ex.Councillor) brought forth the following extract from records:- To Account of the John Rylie Charity.

2 Nov. l895 to 30 poor persons 2/- each at Barwick Feast 3/0/0.
21 Dec. l895 dole on St.Thomas Day 4/15/6.

Following a telephone call to the Rectory and the co-operation of Mrs. Wilkinson, we were advised that:-

1st.November is All Saints Day.

So can we solve the puzzle? Was "Barwick Feast" held on 1st. November (or 2nd.) to celebrate All Saints Day? Do you, dear reader, know different? If you can throw light on this matter, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Sadie Healey.

The Farm Paddock, now Potterton Close, used to hold Berwick's Annual Fair between the wars.
J.T. Kirk(ex-councillor)

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