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Formation and aims of the Society.

The Barwicker March 1986

It is my pleasure to record in this first edition of "The Barwicker" a brief account of the formation and aims of the Society. Beginning 1lth Sept.1984 (and then fortnightly), meetings were held at the home of Jane Deacon, who along with Bart. Hammond, Sadie Healey and Hugh Hawkins, agreed to form a society and define its future direction; direction forward bringing together those interested in the village of Barwick-in-Elmet and its heritage; direction backward through time to trace the story of a unique village. The following aims have since been agreed:-

"To promote learned and educational interest in the history and heritage of the area.
To collect Books, Documents, Maps, Photographs and other material relevant to this purpose.
To record, retain and publish local history."

We were mindful that the character and life of the area had not been recorded, except in a transient fashion by newspaper reports of events, and we would be instrumental in retaining these valuable aspects of our community.

Towards the end of 1984, early 1985, we were supported by Sheila & Norman Pollard, John Boocock, Mavis & Andrew Farrar and librarian Joan Lancaster in encouraging a response for information and photographs made available by 'Barwickers'. An increase in membership followed. This developing situation dictated a move on 15th May 1985, to larger premises, the John Rylie Centre, itself a link with the past. Thanks are due to Jane Deacon for accommodating us in increasing numbers, with such consideration during this formative stage.

The first publication "Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Map", the work of founder member B. R. Hammond, was very well received, being of interest and use to local schools, in particular during their commitment to the Domesday Project last year.

Further work is in hand on a photographic record of Barwick, this under the leadership of Jane Deacon. Meetings have featured the work of a number of our members whose work will be recorded in articles in the Journal. I acknowledge the help of Mary Morgan who joined us in the early days, and as treasurer and researcher contributed much to our development, and is missed since her recent family move to South Wales. We wish them well!

The acceptance by Arthur Bantoft of the Editorship of the Journal is another landmark in our history. The utmost support is requested for his efforts to further the aims of the society. To those who may wish to join the society, or can help with our endeavours in any way, I extend a warm invitation to contact us.

Hugh Hawkins

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