An old-established former farmhouse

Lazencroft in the middle of a major refurbishment
March 2006

The society received copies of entries of an Eamonson family bible from Joe Scullion of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The entries related to Benjamin and Eleanor Eamonson of Lazencroft in the 1790's. This inspired to see go and Lazencroft for the first time for a year or two. Lazencroft has been in a poor condition for many years and clearly was a house of some substance in former times. I feared it might have been demolished as it is near the planned site of a traffic island leading into the rapidly growing business park, Thorpe Park which lies to the south of the house. To my surprise, the house has been acquired by a couple who are busy restoring it to its former glory.

The couple (and the Society) would like to find photogrpahs, or drawings, of Lazencroft in former years. If anyone can help please contact me.

The view from the road including the former farm barns.

Lazencroft lies at the south-eastern edge of the parish of Barwick-in-Elmet as it existed until the re-organisation of the 1970's. To the south is Brown Moor and the parish of Austhorpe. To the east is the old farm settlement of Shippen. The map made some twenty years before the Benjamin Eamonson wrote the entries in the bible shows the location of the farm on the edge of Brown Moor

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