The Barwick-in-Elmet Football team - undated

This photograph has been supplied by a member of the society but we are having difficulty dating it. It seems to be about 1933-1936 and is probably taken on the football field when it was on the eastern side of Potterton Lane.
The names of some of the team are written on the back of the photograph. They are as follows:
  • Jack Birch
  • Mr Birch
  • Clarey Wilks
  • Ted Baker
  • Pim Poulter
  • Denis Baker
  • After asking those who remember those times, it would appear that the people in the photograph are as follows (not sure marked as '?'):
    Back Row (l-r)Walter Lovett, Jack Birch Senior - with cap, George Pullan(?),Not known,Man in hat partially hidden - not known,Arthur Curtiss(?), Fred Robshaw(?), Bill Birch, boy to rear not known,Not known,boy - Ronnie Hurst(?), boy not known.
    Front Row (l-r)Young Jack Birch, Ellis Birch, Pim Poulter, ? Inman (?).
    None of those asked could indentify Clarey Wilks or the Bakers. However the names were remembered and they were from Leeds but came to camp in Barwick every weekend
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